Our Commitments


Whatever we do, we do it with passion and responsibility, towards both people and the planet. We believe that self-love and love for others go hand in hand. Our community is active, diverse and fun. We are passionate about making a difference. Investing in our people and working with a fantastic loyal team enables us to create the best quality products. 

Challenge conventional sustainability and employment practices.

Thinking global

Education is part of the process

We offer free childcare and education at the on-site preschool and nursery and employ three nannies and two teachers to run the preschool for the employees’ children. Since there is no government funded early childhood education in Cambodia, Smateria offers this service as a benefit to all its employees (mothers and fathers).

A space to thrive

We find joy in the simpler things in life.

We make our own fun. We find beauty in the unusual and unconventional, we don’t accept the status quo. 

We stand by our community and all that they represent

We are the change we want to see in the world.

A safer and healthy workplace

Certified Child Labor Free

Child labor free sustainable bags recycled upcycled smateria
At Smateria we design functional & quircky bags, all made ethically in Cambodia

Our Materials