The Brand


At Smateria our goal is to help you find the perfect bag or accessory that meets all of your needs whilst allowing you to creatively express yourself. One that is functional, stylish, sustainable and ethically made using unconventional materials. Each year we launch new styles inspired by the materials we discover, our multicultural backgrounds, and of course, the people around us. We strive to design and produce contemporary, fun and colourful collections.

Creating products that put you in a good mood

Our vision is to allow you to be able to convey your individuality with confidence, honour your values and embrace joy whilst celebrating life! Our mission is to provide high quality ethical and unconventional fashion products across the world. To make it possible we are working daily on building a family and community more than a company, we take care of our people and we all work with a smile to brighten up our days and yours!

Our Story

Smateria is a women-owned and operated business founded in 2006 by Jennifer Morellato and Elisa Lion, who both shared passions for creativity, business and sustainability. Elisa is our creator and maker, always searching for ways to transform materials with a creative twist. She met Jennifer, who was looking to start a business that empowers Cambodians through their work. After prototyping their first bags, they took the ethipreneurial plunge to transform their ideas into a thriving ethical brand dedicated to creativity, positivity and style…..Smateria was born.

Smateria means to transform a material and give it new life. Our originality lies within the unconventional materials that we use. At Smateria we take inspiration from our urban and local surroundings and create bags and accessories made from recycled, upcycled and repurposed materials. All items are 100% ethically made in Cambodia with an Italian flair, using high quality and durable materials.

At Smateria we strongly believe in building and supporting a community. Produced in-house from start to finish, all our products are carefully handmade by an amazing team of Khmer artisans. Since the inception of the company we are continuing to scale our impact worldwide, standing up for human values and continuing to build our amazing community.

Today, Smateria is a thriving ethical brand and we are proud of our journey. We have our own micro-factory which allows us to control the production process and conditions, to never compromise on quality and to provide decent human working conditions.

Our commitments