A bag that
grows on you

A bag that “gets you.”

Soon after you purchase one of our IKI collection items, a natural maturation will take place to the outer material. This is the organic mark of our homegrown plastic recycled fabric in action. 

While one type of fashion lover may relish in the perfectly polished demeanour of their new leather or suede product, at Smateria we create bags for a specific type of person.

We exist for those who value an organic experience – without the unnatural colourings, sweeteners and additives in their consumables; and without any animals involved at all. 

We make our products for the forward-thinking people of this world who possess a sensibility that perceives rawness as realness.


Every aspect of the IKI collection is one with character, experience and story. As such, we want you to experience a journey with your bag. 

The cornerstone notion throughout the eco-fashion community is to buy only what you need, use recycled goods whenever possible and go for quality products that last. We’re proud to help you to tick all of these boxes in one elegant swoop.

At Smateria, we consider it our responsibility to make it as easy as possible for you to look terrific and lower your footprint all the while maximizing your experience.

Throughout the thick and thin of your everyday routine.
Throughout the transitions of your professional life.
Throughout the evolution of your character.
What you really need is a bag that “gets you.”